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Welcome To
Winter Speed School

Summer Speed School is dedicated to ONE thing;  making athletes faster and more explosive.  Our approach is to keep athletes happy & healthy.  Our workouts are short, intense, effective and fun.  We believe speed is an element of athletic performance that can provide an advantage across all sports.  We believe speed is under-utilized and under-appreciated.  We believe the #FeedTheCats movement is revolutionizing athletic performance.  Are you ready to get faster?

What is Speed School?

We will train in person 3 days each week for 45-60 min sessions.  We will perform short effective warm ups then perform our sprint work.  We will never perform a sprint longer than 5 seconds, yes 5 seconds.  Most days will be less than 10 total reps.  Your performance will be digitally recorded, ranked and published.  We will be recording 10M, 30M, 40M and 40 yard dash times.  We will be coaching you to improve your sprinting bio-mechanics, reaction time, explosiveness.  We will be training your Central Nervous System for optimal athletic performance.


  • Starting Nov 30th 2021 - Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday

  • Tuesday & Thursdays 3:30pm-4:30pm  Saturdays 9:30am-10:30am

  • Corydon Central High School Indoor Facilities & Weight Room


We will be providing our Winter Speed School to a select group of Corydon Central athletes.  There will be limited space. 

Winter Speed School is FREE, but only available to Corydon Central Athletes   

Prioritize rest, recovery, and growth; never underestimate the power of being happy and healthy


We utilize the Freelap Timing System to record, rank and publish our athletes performance data.  Our athletes will receive instant feedback on their performance.  Sprint data will be shared to feed competition among our athletes.  Data can also be shared with parents and other coaches by downloading the Freelap App.  


Ready To Join Us?

We have invited a select group of athletes to participate in our Winter Speed School.  We have limited spots available.  Register NOW to save your spot. 

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Have Speed School Questions?

Coach Brian LaHue - USATF Certified Level 1&2 

Twitter @CoachLaHue

Cell - 812-987-4141 

Email -

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